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Based on 339 reviews

Yes good thanks

They come with an extra little silicone plug so they are good. I like them

Great, thank you so much

Y'all need one, love it,

REally cool

Wonderful. On elastic

The product meets expectations. Fast shipping.

Great necklace

Beautiful. Stylish. But pretty heavy to wear everyday, they are special

I join mine up to be a little longer,

Thank you I love it

Such a gentle burst of colour... Mmm... Heavy enough. Quality. Worth your money.

Pretty colours for me yes thank you

Thanks so much, they are perfect for my outfit, and I get lots of comments on them when I wear them.

Cool, thanks

Great quality, love the colours, rad!

Good earrings, kind of heavy

Excellent. I am satisfied.

Beautiful I loved them

Beautiful and beautiful

excellent earrings and excellent Bhappy 100, I love it!

So much fun, I recommend